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In a Geordie-styleee
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Hi all,
Ok guys now here’s something I’ve not see for a long time but I need one now. A towing sled. Anyone out there got a drawing I can make one from? Any pointers on this are more than welcome.



Dunno really........ thinking about it
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I made one years ago based on a 2m length of largish drain pipe.

The tail was vertical and horizontal pieces of plywood in a cross formation to give some degree of stability.

The wings, again plywood, were indepentently pivotable using a pair of levers mounted centrally on each.

Towing line was on a quick release clip and a depth guage added as a token bit of instrumentation.

Dead cheap and quick to build, needed restraint by the boat driver not to go above mackerel speed.

Great fun and it served its purpose as a search vehicle for fish farm bits dropped overboard by the guys.

Barrel rolls and straffing attacks on scallops were its speciality.

One person did get hooked marlin impersonatins off to a fine art..

Enjo :)

Not many Mackerel but all a good size
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Made one years ago.

4 ft window cill .
Simple Y shaped rope harness. Fixed thro holes in mid line of board spaced 3 ft apart. Knotted at top and exiting underneath.

Handles were 12" bolts sleaved with hose pipe. spaced 12" apart exiting underneath.

To clear your ears you have to hold one bolt in your fist and capture the other in the inside of your elbow. Gives you a hand free.

To descend you transfer your grip down the bolts ( applies more leverage) and ViceVersa

To steer L /R (best of luck) you put all weight on one side or the other and fly the
aquaplane in required direction.

If you let go it flips over and surfaces on its own.

God knows what it does to your deco !!

Don't try this at home kids!
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