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Play iPlayer files using another media player?

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Having got around the BBC's blocking of non UK residents, by getting around the Qatar governments website blocking, I can now watch iPlayer :D

However, the internet here is rubbish at times, so I find myself having to download the programs, which is not too much of an issue, I also download from Sky.

The problem is that the BBC iPlayer software jumps even on low res downloaded programs and while it's just about watchable it's irritating. I've tried watching using Windows media player and VLC but the DRM is preventing either of these working.

Has anyone on YD come across any free software that can quickly remove the DRM protection so I can use VLC or anything that can simply ignore DRM protection altogether and play the files directly?

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Can you not use the Desktop iPlayer software (which downloads for later viewing)?
I'm using iPlayer desktop. I know the netbook isn't the worlds fastest computer, but it's only running XP with 2Gb ram and quite happily plays other stuff from Sky and other less official sites ;).
I can help...

Hi Arfie

PM will follow in a bit.
why not try the iplayer downloader, download to file and then watch without hickups with vlc etc...

po-ru.com: iPlayer Downloader
I saw this when searching but am always cautious of anything with "ru" in it, have you used it yourself?

I saw this when searching but am always cautious of anything with "ru" in it, have you used it yourself?

I've used it a few times and not had any issue with it.
works a treat... yes the .ru did make think twice but its fine.... very quick to download programs .... i play most of the downloaded stuff on a WD TV LIVE box... which has played virtually everything i've thrown at it... luv it...
Tried it, downloaded 2 programs and one stopped playing after 2 minutes, the other had no sound so they were both corrupted. Maybe this has something to do with my poor broadband speeds (currently running slower than dial up :(

what did u play it with? no sound sounds like a codec problem...? use VLC as it plays most things... as for stopping 2mins in, sounds corrupt or sometimes the PC doesn't have the horsepower to play it i.e. HD but BBC iplayer stuff isn't HD...?

u might like to try rapidshare/hotfile etc for the programme u want... and use something like jdownloader which is quite reliable... you won't find the recent tv stuff though...

rapidshare search - Google Search


home:index [JDownloader]

Welcome DivxTurka.Net... » DvD,Divx,MP4,Bluray,HdDvD,Rmvb

If ur after something specific... pm me....
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I use VLC, the computer is a netbook and while it's not going to run NASA it runs movie files with no problem.

Guess I'll just put up with the jerky iplayer for now.
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