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Dear all please visit the attached link and donate to this worthy cause
I will even do a Trip Report after the event being that I am one of the jumpers
Many thanks


Please Help visit the link below , go the bottom of the page and donate securely

Eight police officers from the Major Crime Branch are taking part in a charity sky dive for the Royal Marsden Hospital, where their colleague DC Tina Braiden is being treated for cancer.
The officers, who work on serious crime investigations across Sussex, will be jumping from a plane at Drop Zone Hinton, Northamptonshire, on August 27.
They have been inspired by Tina's courage, and will perform a small act of bravery in honour of the huge bravery that is constantly shown by cancer sufferers and their loved ones.
DC Amanda Stroud, DC Dean Tuting, Sgt Kevin Homewood, DS Simon Bates, DC Clinton Novelle, DC Steve Edwards, PC Darren Graysmark and DC Nick Jones will, on August 27, throw themselves from a plane two miles above the ground and plummet to earth at 125mph. All this is to heighten awareness of this disease with the aim of raising £25,000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital.
Fundraising efforts have been set off to a grand start with a donation of £1,500 from the Police Property Act Fund, as well as a cash donation and insurance cover for those jumping from Stuart Harvey Insurance.
If you or your company would like to make a donation to this very worthy cause you can do so by sending a cheque made payable to the Royal Marsden Sky Dive, c/o DC Debbie Upton or PC Darren Graysmark at the Major Crime Branch, Sussex House, Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury, Brighton, BN18 8AF or you can donate online at using the link at the top of this message
All money raised will go towards the development of services for children and young people with cancer and the new Blood Cancer Unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital.
All of us know someone whose life has been affected by cancer. This is your opportunity to make a difference to someone who will battle with this disease in the future. With your donation we can make a difference!

DC Debbie UPTON, MCB, said:
"Amazing isn’t it, how in one single moment what is an ordinary life, like yours and mine, can be turned into something far from ordinary. It seems to me that’s what happened to my friend and colleague Tina, although I’m just not sure when it happened and probably only she can say with any certainty. What I can pinpoint is the moment when the turning point in her life impacted on mine. I can honestly say that it wasn’t the day she rang me at work to tell me that she thought her cancer was back, even though at that time she was on the brink of returning to MCB after a double mastectomy. It was a few days later when she rang to tell me that the cancer had returned and it was terminal.
"I can’t find the words to describe that phone call but words didn’t fail me then. I only needed a listening ear for Tina’s words as sentence after sentence poured forth. She was full of raw emotion and there was urgency in her voice as if suddenly time was an issue but amid her anger and dismay something stronger shone through. She had managed to keep her presence of mind and amazingly, set out to me how she was going to beat this disease. She was selfless in her thoughts for those closest to her and how these people were going to cope with her illness, especially Ray her husband to the extent of discussing how these important people in her life might be best supported. She told me she would need a number of friends, from the various parts of her life, to be there to support her through thick and thin. Her request of me was that all important and, for Tina, highly significant link with work. Her determination to beat this disease has never and, I know, will never fade.
"The Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital receives 40,000 new referrals a year and 25% of these are from the south east area, which includes patients from Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Tina has been lucky enough to be among these 25%. It has been two years since she renewed her battle with cancer and a year since she was referred to the Royal Marsden. The treatment and support she has received there have been second to none. Most importantly she has been given information about her cancer and its treatment, which has enabled her to make her own well-informed decisions about how she fights this disease."

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