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Hi All,

I have this morning received a letter from UWATEC/SCUBAPRO:



Voluntary Recall

UWATEC is conducting a voluntary recall of the Smart PRO and Smart COM dive computers. A software programming error in these computers may cause the alert signals to stop working properly, and, in some instances, the screen freezes. If this occurs, inaccurate information is displayed, such as water depth, tank pressure, ascent rate, etc. You can determine if you have one of these units by looking for the 'Smart" name on the front of the computers. For safety reasons, we ask that you stop using the dive computer immediately.

Replacement Program

UWATEC will replace your Smart PRO or Smart COM computer with a new one within ninety (90) days or sooner. In order to obtain a replacement, please take your Smart PRO or Smart COM diving computer into your nearest UWATEC Authorised Dealer or contact SCUBAPRO UWATEC (UK) LTD on +44 (0)1256 812636. Once we have received your computer, we will begin processing your replacement order."

See PDF link here:



And, as luck would have it, I've got the Smart Pro! Bugger.

Dive safe people.
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