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Thought I had better write this before all thoughts of it sink into oblivion!!

This trip had been put back one month after bad weather.

Friday 23 March 10.00am set off from home arriving at Plymouth approximately 4.00pm.
Launch 2 RIBs, “Misty Diver and Sea Wolf” and moor them. . . . . swim back to shore, well that woke me up!
Oh there was a little matter of (someone who shall be nameless) had left the keys for Misty back at the boat shed……… slight problem but its all part of the fun!!
Check in at The Boringdom Arms a couple of drinks food and bed.

Saturday 24 March
Great breakfast.
A lot of discussion, phone calls to obtain a key for Misty.
Initially not a lot of success even though an isolator key was obtained the previous evening.
Then breakthough – yes we borrowed one.
Swim out to Rib’s, bring back load up and out! Diving on the Scylla and then the James Egan Lane in 2 waves 4 divers in while 2 looking after ribs then last 2 in (me included).
Back to land unload moor up and another swim!!!!!!!
Another great meal at the Boringdon and a couple more drinks.

Sunday 25 March
Another good breakfast.
Swim to get Ribs and out to the Percier – diving same format as Saturday.
The second dive had been planned to dive on The Elk and although we got as far as notifying Longroom Port Control by the time we had kitted up we decided to give it a miss as the sea was blowing up.
Instead we dove the seaward side of the Breakwater.
Back to land, unload moor - swim (am I bitter??)
Another good meal – joined in the pub quiz! Bed.

Monday 26 March
Breakfast, check out
Swim for Ribs, retrieve them, return borrowed key, drive home.

We had a great weekend did some great diving – yes I know I haven’t said anything about the dives – maybe someone else will?

I do need to thank a few people who helped make the trip as good as it was but I’ll do that later.

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Out of interest, where were you mooring the RIBs?
Did it cost?
How secure was it?


heck of a lot cheaper than Mount Batten who charged us £105 the month before, then when we cancelled charged us a 10% handling charge.

This was £12 a night.

As far as how secure as secure as you tie it on!!!
We were far happier leaving the RIBs in water 100m off land than leaving them stuck in a car park or at the side of the road.
When I was making enquiries I was told that 50 or 60 ribs a year are stolen in the area!!!

I'll send PM

cheers steven
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