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Here's a dilemma that shows what you're real attitude to diving is;
You have 1 goodie bag and in front of your face is 1 porthole and 1 Lobster. Do you?
(a) Jam the Lobbie in the bag and start considering how much lemon you like on it and whether you prefer body meat or claw meat.  OR,
(b) Crowbar the porthole off, put it in, and start thinking about clearing some space in the garage so you can forget about it. OR,
© Crowbar off the porthole, stick it in the bag, lift up the Lobbie, try to carry the whole lot up the shotline only to get bitten by the beast and lose it all at your deco stop. OR,
(d) Stick the Lobbie in the bag, crowbar off the porthole and try to carry it up with you only to drop the porthole at your deco stop, have a tantrum and throw the bag away only to realise it's too deep to retrieve. OR,
(e) Take nothing and then piss off every other diver on the boat when you tell them what a goody-bloody-two shoes you are.

Answers on a postcard please to;
Drunk Diver looking for his balls,
963 decostop close,
P.O. Yellow box#60mtr+

Peter(I'll get my coat right now)Kelly      
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