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<font color='#000F22'>Noel

hope you enjoy, but watch out for them.

We dived with them in 2002 and they're a bunch of cowboys. We had a diver with a hit back at the Tuns during be-brief, and when we rung up for O2 advice etc.

We were told that it wasn't an abnormal ascent or any in water problem and not to worry, someone would be along as soon as they'd finished filling cylinders.

Ended up calling the part-time fire brigade out to get O2 as we only had nitrox. Porthcerris turned up 45 minutes later as the ambulance arrived and said quote "oh well you won't need us now"

Personally I'd never dive with them again or recommend them. The launch of boat and equipment is a dodgy affair that involves walking down a shingle beach and along a temporary pontoon moved by a tractor. You load your gear on to the trailor and he backs down to the hardboat.

Take your own O2.  
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