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A full set of Poseidon Cyklon 5000 First & second stage regulator with A clamp fitting,used but in good working condition.

Comes with a fitted and brand new octopus,this item has never even been in the pool.

Fitted with Sea & Sea triple console.

I will include regulator bag,the zip needs a few stitches to the matieral where the weight/bulk of the regs is putting strain on the bag itself.

Also included is a service kit,also is a 90 degree elbow and spare port plugs,all unused plug ports are sealed with plugs .

I have used these regs (other than octopus) in pool with no problems,however must stress as with all dive kit you should really have the item serviced prior to use.

Can send photograph if you pm me with email addy

£350 (will use courier for delivery,but this would only incude insurance to £50,full cover add 2% of purchase price)
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