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ive a free flow problem on one of my regs..
breathes normal,not set too sensitive (it does not blow off when suddenly dropped in water..
descend normal speed etc..
at 60 metres...its not shuting off cleanly
it feels harder too breath in, but air is racing out of the exhaust ..
covering the end with my hand does stop it ...
i have no choice but change to my other reg ..
as soon as i do it virtually stops flowing straight away ?
i try it again at 45 metres ...
and it behaves perfectly normal...
any idea's......?:redface:
ps the interstage pressure is 11 bar...water temp 6 c

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Sounds like the second stage sticking.
Has the reg seen a long period of storage or not been washed out after salt water?
(i have two currently at the porridge through a straw stage, its crap in the second stage on them)

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Hi Again :eek:)

1. Try a good soaking in fresh water. make sure that the internal valve train is flooded!

2. Bring the interstage pressure down to between 9 to 10 bar.

3. If all this fails, it needs a service as it is probably suffering with corrosion and/or debris in the valve mechanism.

Can you do this yourself, or do you want it done by a service agent. you can always send it to me if you wish.


Mike (GD0HYM)
Aquatech Diving Services
Isle of Man
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