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Again my packages seem to be selectively stolen or never appear.

I live in a block of flats were you can see all the mailboxes and packages etc through the glass main door. but its a "secure" compound requiring access codes to get in.

I find it curious to note that no other residents in my building have complained or in the compound and also I have often seen postal items that are blatantly CDs/DVDs/precious items for my neighbours which werent stolen.

However, for months and months pretty much all of my packages go missing, it stopped for a while then dissappeared again.

Recorded delievery seems to work, although its often just left on my mailbox anyway so I dont see why there should be much difference or my neighbour signs for it and leaves it for me.

a) someone outside is breaking in (no signs of forced entry) and nicking stuff (but why not my neighbours?)

b) the mailman nicks my stuff but again why my address only?

any ideas?

will be chatting to the post office again but doubt anything will come of it.

also the items stolen are irregardless of value, e.g I ordered some bungee that never appeared, some boots, books, etc.

but the knife I ordered on the same day made it through in a big padded jiffy bag that looked like a DVD.

P.S on eBay is it tough shit if stuff goes missing? considering the sellers didnt offer insurance or recorded delievery options. and my other purchases was going through so though it was fine.

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we had a problem here with mail going missing untill they found a posties house full of mail he had swipped over the past 5 years three out of his four bedroom house was packed with mail, it took a truck to take it all away.

as for the SMB's mate yes they went recorded so you or someone has to sign :)


PS it's covered up to £500 as well
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