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Hi, I went to my LDS today to order lenses for a new mask as I've recently had a new prescriptin, only to be told that they are not being supplied any more due to...guess what...H&S regs! - apparently in the USA divers have sued their dive shops when they've had problems after buying the wrong lenses for their sight.
Has anyone heard this? The shop rang Mares & Scubapro & got same answer - but the shop hadn't been aware until then!
I really didn't want to have to have lenses stuck onto the inside of my new mask again.............................
Hi Lindsey

I am a spekky 4 eyes with a prescription mask - I know that SDS in Sheffield have a prety good supply, a good range of masks that will accept short and long sight lenses, and lots of other dive shops will d othem (Divers wharehouse do em too, I'm not sure where you live) but a second opinion from another shop would be worth a go

Or if you are brave/know what you are doing then you can buy them online - I haven't done this myself but I only know because my Dad asked me about prescription swim goggles for my mum and I googled it... if they are selling you a specific mask then try a real one out before putting the internet order in (no point in shelling out for a mask that doesn't fit)

It does depend on your prescription - if you look at your current prescription and it has numbers in just the first box then you are basically good to go, but if you have a complex prescription with any kind of astigmatism then I'd go to the opticians and get advice from them prior to buying

Also, stuarts post above has it pretty much spot on :)

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