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I have been diving now for over two and a half years and during this time
have done some pretty cool dives.

I love diving wrecks and have done a hand full of wrecks in a variety of
conditions. Now lets look at this, I've dived say 5 wrecks but each of
these wrecks has been dived on more than one occasion. sometimes even as
many as 5 times. This wont seem a lot to the people who dive say the kyarra
each week every week and have done so for the last ten years.

so when it comes to diving this particular wreck they i would say are more
experienced to do so. each time i dive it I'm still learning this
particular wreck. In a way I'm also still learning the ART of diving. but
the more i dive the same way in the same temperatures this rate of learning
slows down as the knowledge is built up. This is assuming I'm always with
the same person and always have the same equipment.

Am I being naive ? a week ago I would have said no.

I now after this weekend think different, I qualified as a sports diver and
then went of with a mate and dived together. sometimes probably going
slightly passed our level of experience but always feeling as if we were in
control. we never had any emergencies. then we decided it was time to take
things that little bit further and decided to do nitrox training. no for
one reason or another we had decided to do this with a PADI club. we had
both dived with this club before but still keeping our buddy pair a team
and not having much to do with the club apart from sharing the boat to the
dive site.

we both passed this nitrox course and was commented by the instructor on
our ability as a buddy pair under the water and at how good our skills

Now with a big smile i considered us to both be very good divers.

OK so a little about us both.

we are both mates outside of diving before we even took the hobby up.
we both use the long hose main reg - donate this if an emergency method
we both plan the dive with precision and each of us know what to do if
something did go wrong

now unfortunately one of us has decided to give up diving. so this now
leaves me with the situation were I have to find some other person to dive
with. Is this a problem with all these clubs and web based groups around
full of eager people learning to dive?.

Yes and after yesterday this is a massive yes.

I assumed and this is were im sure your all going to criticise my ability
that we would discuss the dive plan and dive this plan. Firstly the new
buddy has never seen the long hose before and is looking very worried at
what this is all about. So i find myself having to in effect explain that
what he has been taught in the past is not the way i dive.

"But this is the way I was taught and this is the way things should be
done." yes i say but there are other methods which some believe to be even
better in an emergency

aagghhh this is going to be a long day and i now feel guilty for seemingly
putting someone down (and there qualification). This was not my intention.

so were now of to the water, jump in and about to go down when he starts to
run through what was about to become know as a 5 point decent.

Now its my turn to be re-educated and i now feel like a complete muppet.
This is all very well, but I've always been used to discussing the plan on
the surface, you are aware of your destination (the shot line) so surely
check each other is OK give the OK signal then start your descent. just
below the surface do a bubble check to make sure nothing is leaking. give
each other the OK signal and continue the descent. OK so now I'm descending
slightly faster than my buddy but I'm still within a safe distance in case
anything went wrong. he is looking at me like I'm a complete moron once
again. It turns out now that were meant to stick to each other like glue on
the way down. Apparently if I move more than two inches away I'm not being
a good buddy.

Once the dive is completed I just want to go home. I once again feel like
I'm a beginner and all the hard work I've put in over the last few years is
down to nothing., I want to go diving I want to enjoy the dive without
feeling like I need to learn new methods every time it so happens I'm now
diving with some other person. Solo diving is looking more and more
tempting by the second.

I thought I would wake up today with a better feeling than I had on the way
home yesterday but i have not. I feel like I'm embarrassed to the extent
were if this person ever dives with me again it will be an amazing miracle
and i would not blame them if they choose to dive with another.

has any of you had the same experiences and how do you choose to dive with
new people

What do you think?

Please help?

By the way I do still consider my underwater skills to be of a high level.
I have however choosen to post this under another name due to the fact that
I am worried as to the response. I know its a continuos learning curve, i
know also we all do things different.

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Maybe the best way to think of it is that you both learned something new that will be useful in future?


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Hi Halibut,
I wouldnt be so hard on myself if I were you. I started diving with my son as my buddy and we have got to know each other quite well. However he hasnt quite got bitten as much as me and consequently I also buddy up people other than my regular buddy. I agree with Tom, every time I dive with someone new its a learning experience, for both of us. Each person has a different view on what a buddy means to them. I for instance try and stay close(ish) but not joined at the hip. I'd like to think that I could help, or be helped, but in the final judgement you are responsible for yourself, which will bring down the wrath of DIR, but I dive to 30m so believe I should be self sufficient. If I dived deeper I'd probably revise my views. We also have all been taught perhaps differently so our descents might not be the same. If you feel that you havent dived well and to your new buddy's liking then why not discuss it during the SI. Perhaps a simple 'do you like where I positioned myself during our dive' would open up an avenue for discusion. I sound like a bloody agony aunt, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Its supposed to be fun not hard work every time you dive.


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Hi Halibut (Or whoever you are!)

Firstly I can assure you that posting in your real name would not get you shot down in flames or slagged off for your training/experience etc.. (Well not on this forum I hope  

I have buddied with many different people over the years and know how relaxing it is to dive with someone familiar,  You get to know each others procedures, style of diving and general view on diving.  But I still enjoy diving with other unfamiliar buddies,  look on it as a learning experience.  

As long as you are a safe diver then that is a damn fine start.  Maybe the guy you were buddied with was a bit nervous, maybe he was fairly inexperienced?   It is difficult to tell.  It sounds to me that your training used slightly different procedures than his.  (not better or worse just different).

Maybe a discussion after the dive would educate both of you and remove any misconceptions about who was right and who was wrong.

The important thing is to not let it put you off,  diving with new buddies will hopefully be educational and the more people you dive with the more chance you have of finding someone who will turn into a regular buddy you can be relaxed and comfortable with.

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