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Well, just after Xmas i decided I'd take up diving again- since found out that I've landed my dream job in the States, as such I could do with clearing out everything (And gaining some extra cash!), so pretty much everything that I own has got to go, so here goes.

Waterproof Draco Drysuit

Great condition, i bought this used a couple of months ago, had the seals replaced and everything checked over- I've only actually dived this in a pool and it was completely dry. Size 'M', with (I'd guess) size 9-10 boots, I'm a 9 and it fits me perfectly. As I'm sure many people will tell you, great suit, and brand new comes in at just under £1000 i believe. I'll take £400 for it.

Apeks ATX40 Regs

DS4 first stage, ATX40 second stage and octopus. This has been dived once (In a pool again), so is in as new condition really, comes boxed with it's manual etc. £200

Suunto Cobra Computer

Pretty standard Suunto Cobra air intergrated computer- was bought from a member on here, they had a new computer unit fitted into it, so as such the computer itself has never been dived (Although the boot has). Has a brand new HP hose on it as well. These still seem to fetch quite a bit, I'd be after £300 for it.


This is what it is really, a rebranded Zeagle Tech wing. This is used, but again is in great condition, my LDS gave it a once over and said it's fine, although obviously it's down to the buyer to get it serviced if they feel the need to. Apparently can take anything up to twin 18's, a lot of people seem to think they are great bits of kit! Has an Octopus holder attached, and i'll chuck a wrist mounted slate in with it as well. £150?

Diving Cree Torch SOLD

This is one of the torches that have been mentioned on here- link here. Pretty bog standard, but I've alreadt put a 13A plug onto the end of it. At the current exchange rate it works out to £50ish, so offers would be great! Never been used :)

Beaver Undersuit

Undersuit that came with the drysuit, quite thick (No idea how thick exactly, but certainly thicker than my other 100gsm suit, if i'm being honest, too thick for me! But then I don't really feel the cold that much. Good for someone certainly no taller than 6', Medium build. £50.

I'm based in Epsom in Surrey if anyone wants to view anything, postage will be on top of the prices, but make me an offer!


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