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Quite a nice weekend so a very brief trip report. Dived from Portland off of Goose on both days. Sorry no photo’s, I’ve no camera … yet!

Saturday 2nd– Salsette

Dropped in and headed down the shot passing through the “snot” of the plankton bloom. By the time we hit the wreck the vis had not improved too much and we had around 2m to 3m. The shot had been put in on the stern but as John and me had done this part of the wreck already this year we headed forwards. I really like the way you can see the remains of the decks sloping away down to the seabed (the wreck lies on its side). The sloping nature of the wreck means that by staying roughly in the middle of the decking we were at 42m rather than grovelling along the bottom at 44m – 45m.

Sunday 3rd – Warrior II

Slack was playing with us, despite arriving on time the tide was running like a train so we sat around cooking in our dry suits for about half an hour. Finally we dropped in and followed the shot line down to the wreck. Here we found that the vis was quite good, at least compared to what we’ve had recently, at around 6m. The Warrior II is quite broken up and does not stand proud of the sea bed much, but it still has quite a few interesting bits to explore. We ended up going to the stern of the wreck just poking around, and keeping our fingers away from the rather large congers that inhabit the holes.
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