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Makes most sense when narked/drunk
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Just back from a family holiday week in Tenerife. I had booked 3 days diving with Tenerife Diving - Diving Tenerife, Scuba Diving, PADI, BSAC, TDI, Canary Islands Dive Center PADI BSAC TDI and on the day before we flew out I decided to bring the Inspiration. The reason I was not sure about bringing it was that I had only finished my course 2 weeks previous, and I wasn't too sure about travelling with the unit.
Anyway I put the head and VR3 in my carry on bag and the unit went into the AP crate (wouldn't fit in any of our suitcases!). It weighed in at 17kg. I packed booties, mask, reel etc and some light clothes around it and it weighed 23kg on the scales at home, but 27kg at the check in desk...hmmm. Our other suuitcase with my wife and son's clothes came to 27kg. Luckily we didn't get charged excess at all!
Dave and Nikki at the DC were very helpful. They collected me and left me at the hotel every day. I hired suit, fins tanks and bought sofno fills. I was suprised they had a suit to fit my gangly frame, but it was a very comfy O'Three 5mm.
We were on Spring tides, so the current affected us on a couople of dives, but only got the better of us once when we decided to abort the dive due to current at depth. I did 5 dives between 25-28m for 45-55mins each (apart from the aborted one).
Many thanks to Dave for his tips and advice, I'll definitely dive with them again, and possibly head over for a couple of long weekends next year. Looking forward to seeing the photos!!
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