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Recall Corner: Mares Nemo scuba dive computers

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Not sure if this has been mentioned? Came from an electronic engineering site I am subscribed too (Called made by Monkeys) :) make of it what you will.

Dive Computers Recalled by Mares Due to Drowning Hazard

The hazard is described as follows:
An O-ring in the high pressure air connector can fail and leak air, causing a continuous but slow loss of breathing gas, which could require a diver to surface quickly, posing a drowning hazard to divers
No injuries have been reported for the fault, but the recall of the Italian-made model is believed to cover 600 units.

The remedy is described thus:
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled dive computer and connectors, and return the products to their authorized Mares dive shop for a free replacement O-ring connector assembly. The O-rings in some units may already have been replaced, but this recall requires replacing the metal quick connector fitting at the end of the high pressure air hose that holds the O-ring. Replacement connector assemblies have a groove machined around the middle of the fitting, but recalled units do not. All consumers should take their Nemo Air dive computers to a Mares dive shop to confirm whether this connector fitting has been replaced.

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At the moment its unlikely that any units have had the part replaced, unless it was a very recent purchase. Lead time on the part being dispatched after ordering it has been 3 months and counting so far.....
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