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Just to let the sharp eyed diving community out there know we’ve had a burglary. As we're so close to the M5, the gear could be anywhere in the UK by now....
So,thought we could try to list what's been stolen, so we stand a better chance of catching the b******s. OK, so we know it's fifty million to one that we catch them but some of the stuff will stick out like a sore thumb in the local street markets, which is where the police think is a good idea to look, along with e bay.

What's gone:
Fourth Element T shirts, tops & hoodies with a small quantity of xerotherm and thermocline.
1 pair BLUE Force Fins size XL. Should be easy to spot these!
Suunto computers various + Smart Z, Xtender,Dtimer - all with serial numbers. The dummy computers went too.
Knives - some unmarked but also some Scuba Pro, which say Scuba Pro either on the front or back of the blade.
Ortlieb giant bright red bag + bright yellow holdall - all clearly marked Ortlieb.
A few Oceanic/Scuba Pro BCD's, fins and mini Ultra Dry snorkels. BCD's have serial numbers.
Oceanic Ladies Shadow semi-dry's and mix of Oceanic & Scuba Pro Ladies Shorties.
UK C4 sunlight torches. lime and yellow.
Scuba Pro modular light system - has serial number.

All in all it's not too bad, as there was evidence of lack of intelligence! Warning to anyone coming to see us, please wear rubber soled boots, armour plating and phone in advance.
Huge thank you for all the support we've had and don't worry if your kit is with us for testing or servicing - only one single piece of customer's gear went - a Stinger 208356 rubber strap.
So, to anyone out there, keep your eyes skinned if you're walking through your local market or car boot this weekend and look for new Suunto/Scuba Pro/Oceanic kit or those blue force fins!

Captain Pugwash
JRServices 01884 266 400
Cullompton, Devon.

Thats MISTER Blue Boots to you....
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Sorry to hear that you have been targeted :frown: I'll keep a look out, on ebay etc, but I don't think they will be turning up on car boot sales in Leicester...
All the best in getting sorted.
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