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I qualified 2 years ago and the week after qualifying went to Swanage Pier. It was an excellent introduction to OW diving. Lots to see, great environment to be around all the other divers on the pier hanging around. Also, there's the legs/stilts (not sure the correct name!) of the pier to follow along, so it's tough to get lost. If you stick to under the pier it's a great experience. And it's enough to give you that sea water fix!

I was going to do the Selsey lifeboat pier, but it was hurricane force winds. Was gutted! I've heard there's fantastic wildlife under there and lots of cuttlefish? And the next plan is going out with Wittering Divers to do the Mulberrys. Was booked on a boat with them the year before last but the weather wasn't good! Heard they're great for novices.

Enjoy your diving, it's a FANTASTIC sport and great people. Really friendly! (So far!!!)
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