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In 2005 - did wrecks and reefs on diamond (not a great boat - no longer available through tony backhurst) with Steve and malin as guides - fantastic week, plenty to see and loads of dives.

2005 - Fury shoal & st johns on Hurricaine - guides joe and karin - fantastic boat and guides, fair few sharks and interesting fishy things (not many night dives due to travelling & marine park laws)

2006 - daedulus, rocky & zabarguard - Grand Sea Serpent, Egyptian guides - again fantastic boat and guides, still more fish and coral which for a few dives is pretty. Again not many night dives due to travelling.

So for 2007, booked in again with tony backhurst, on Cyclone doing Wrecks & Reefs in June, mainly becuase my buddy hasnt got more than the 50 dives required for the south livaboard trips but will still get to see plenty of both wrecks and reefs (ooo thats why the itinery is called that), but to be honest i do love the metal and am never a fan of long distance on boats.

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