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<font color='#8D38C9'>Hello peeps.
Just got back from our 1st. land based holiday in the Redsea (after 2 liveaboards there). The diving was good but nothing special, a few whitetip reefs & a couple of Greyreef sharks.
What i found annoying is:-
1) The 30M limit placed on divers who are qualified to deeper (i also had this on the Tiger Lily over the new year even though we were on twins).
2) Having to follow the guide all the time (we were given a bit of leaway but not much), we never dive with a guide as exploration's part of the fun.
3)Having to do a check dive with over 400 dives logged yet having to watch other divers with 7 dives logged do their 1st. dive in the Straights of Tiran.

  We enjoyed the holiday & i'd recommend Sharm & Camel divers who were friendly, helpfull & experienced to anyone but i like a bit of freedom when i dive. If i wanted to be led on a lead etc. i'd go in a sub or glass bottomed boat. One other thing i would recommend if your taking camera's is to get your pickies developed there as the 1 hr. service is only £3.50 per role.
Anyway enough ranting. Looking forward to Scapa in August.
Good diving
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