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Reels, wrecks and blobs. - Am I an endangerd species.

  • Tie reel to wreck etc before "bagging off".

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  • Don't tie on to anything before "bagging off".

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I've done both.

I can send one up from the bottom, or from mid-water if I have to, and I practise doing this.  However if there is a decent place to tie off and I have the time then why not?  

I wouldn't tie off to anything vulnerable and the force is less than exerted by boats tying onto permanent shots.  It isn't a matter of course, it's just another option that can reduce stress.

The only time my line has tangled I was glad to have the reel tied to the wreck.  It meant that I could cut away the SMB and send up another one.  I could have double reeled and that would have also solved the problem also.  

I think as long as you don't use it to cover for an inability to send one up without tying on then it is just a tool in the box.


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