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I am led to believe that the scubapro mk25 is a good dir reg i.e. ;routing but what about the mk20 also what is a good price for the mk25 second hand .All help is appreciated
Hopefully NickB will be along cos he is chapter and verse on this.....

The MK20 is essentially a MK25 without the ability to alter the IP from the outside. There was also something about the design which meant you can cause damage if you are a hamfisted service agent....plus a different material used for the piston I think.

My stage regs are MK20 and AFAIAC offer a very economical alternative to the MK25....they are often cheap on eBAY.

It is possible to buy the parts to convert a MK20 into a MK25.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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