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Today is rememberance sunday, and i think we should probably just take a minute to think that some of the wrecks we dive for pleasure came from the wars, and people died on board them.  It is so easily forgotten that young men died, people just like us (well, not me obviously, but maybe you).  
The Royal Oak is a wreck that stands in my memory, as it was the anniversary of her sinking when i was up there last.  She is a war grave, and therefore not dived.  The navy fly a flag from her for a year, and then have a comemmorative dive to replace it with a new one.  She leaks oil, which can be seen as a slick on the surface of the flow.

Im dont support diving on wrecks that have been declared war graves, its just not right in my mind.  We have plenty of others to look at, get stuck in and pull bits off.  Let them rest in peace.
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