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I won't bore you with the actually course report I am sure you have read enough of those, but if you are interested I have posted it on my blog in two parts, links below - it is quite long so you might want to put the kettle on. :)

Part 1 Part 2

As some of you know my curiosity got the better of me last year in Cornwall, despite Rick Huggins doing his best to get me interested during skype calls over the last couple of years. Then in October I read that Rich Walker was doing a course in Capernwray and I asked if it was OK to sit in and have a look, Clare was there as safety diver and talked me into going for a dive - not a good idea. :redface:

Over the winter I got to do some diving with other DIR trained divers which I thank them for their support when they could easily have said no. During a phone call with Clare at the beginning of February I sort of agreed a date to take my fundies course, nothing was finalised I wanted see how it was going and I had a scheduled weekend with Mal, Dianne and Mike and I would use that as a yard stick, the weekend didn't go to plan but Clare wanted a yes or no and I decided as it was "just a course" I would go for it.

Anyway last Thursday I managed to cross yet another inland site of the list and I arrived at Vobster, Gareth (GLOC) had said he would take me in for a couple of dives just to get familiar with the layout of the place and I wanted to use a spool and delayed as I had only used a spool once before. We did about 7 or so deployments, which didn't go too badly.

Gareth left and I went off the find the B & B Clare had booked us all in to, so this was it the start of the course, Thursday evening I met up with one of the other candidates Mark, we went for a beer and some food then back to EdenVale and an early night (not together obviously).

Clare, Mal and Fin arrived while we were still having breakfast and then the course started. As I mentioned you can read that if you want.

It was the hardest thing I have ever done, I tend to beat myself up anyway my head is my worst enemy and there were times at least 2 when I could have gone home but what would have been the point. If I failed then at least I had tried, if I walked I would probably regret that action for a long time. Things didn't go as well as I thought they would but by the last dive, a few things came together and I made the bar.

The course is intense and you learn a lot about yourself and your diving, where you want to go and how to get there.

Some people I should thank, hopefully in the right order. Mal "bloody" Bridgeman, Andy Woodside, Andy Carroll, Phil Osborn, Andy Bryson and Jamie (CrispyFiver) who have all been happy to take a novice diving.

Dianne, Gareth and Garf as "support"

Mark and Fin for your support and humour on the course and finally Clare without your encouragement and help I would have gone home.

Opps a bit longer than I anticipated

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Congratulations on 8000 posts.

Oh, nice report as well :D


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Yet another one who saw you and the course on Sunday, but didnt want to
upset your flow.

Me and the rest of a group from SUCS were in the two white transits parked
at right angles to each other.

You were doing skills next to it at one point :teeth:

Well done for passing, but not sure I'm ok with the minalmalist approach of
backplate minus cylinders :eek:


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Well done Fiona, Mark and Fin...You deserved the results you got.

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Congratulations 7 of Fi, I hope the chip insertion wasn't too bad ;)

Safe diving,
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