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Just come home from scapa yesterday and what a great week we had me ,dundee and steve thingy and a group from dundee university

sunday the Dresden 47mins and a depth 31.6m
f2 and barge 56mins and depth18.4m a bit rough

monday the coln 36mins and depth 34.7m
brummer 36mins and depth34.8m a bit less rough

tuesday the krown prince wilhelm 35mins depth 39.6m
karlesruhe 44mins depth 26.4m roughest day of the week

wednesday konig 37mins 38.1m
coln 36mins 35.7 m milder weather

thursday markgraf 45m depth43.9m
tabarka47mins 15.5m weather getting steadily better

friday krown prince willhelm 39mins 38.3m
dresden 38mins 31.3m millpond

great dives great people cant wait to go again
blooming long drive tho.

met a few yders int pub i havent met before as well.
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