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Dear Marjorie Proops!

I think Ive been abused and it may affect  me development as a diver.

As a Yorkshireman I was taught never to give anyone owt for nowt!

but I recently gave a cockney me primary reg so he could share me air on a drift dive..

When he had finished with it, instead of giving it me back, he stored it on the elastics on the Back of me tank.

He says it was a communication error but IVe worked out that its a new form of safety stop redundancy to save him using his pony, if needed on our safety stop.! Thus saving him a £1.99 fill

I feel so violated! Do you think we will be able to form a lasting buddy relationship after this.

Yours unsincerely


(authors note: Andy H will be pleased as its a new drill he has'nt thought of yet! :recovering reg from the middle of your back....)
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