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Spaces on Wight Spirt going out of Lymington in the New Forest
on Sat 30th June.

Looking at visting the LCT or Landing Craft Tank. This is not your
small Portland Harbour jobby, but one of three very large landing
crafts off the southern end of the IOW and almost made
it back from D-Day.

She lies on a shingle bed at a depth of 30m and stands 5m proud
of the seabed.

Will be a decent second on the way back of around 15m +

Good boat with a lift and a very good skipper. So good in fact that he's
just written a very good book on the wrecks off the West IOW.

Introduction - Son of Crust - The divers choice!

Meet a 8am Lymington for a 9am ropes off.

Cost is £38 for the day/two dives.


1. TerryH
2. Rob
3. Stuart (WS)
4. Alan (WS)
5. Ian (WS)
6. Chris R
7. DaveC
8. Rich S

Soon as possible please and usual you say, you pay applies.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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