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Hi Paul,
sorry to butt in.  Yep - there's plenty of diving going on down Bexhill way.  Finless and me are members of a Hastings-based  club 'Out of Cinque Diving Club', also locally are 'Hastings Diving Club' and Bexhill-based  'Rother Diving Club' - one of whose members goes by the handle of Weightless.  He's a mate so I can put you in touch if you like, but I don't think he's diving much at the mo.  All 3 clubs are SAA.
OOCDC's got a few hard boat dives booked this year, but will probably fill them all as there's been a recent spurt of mad keen wreck divers in the club (woohoo!)

Depending on what sort of depth range you dive, there's plenty of scope for picking up the odd space on other clubs' charters - the vast majority of my dives come about this way.
If you're genuinely into having a splosh over this way, you can go on our wee e-mail ring that we use to keep each other informed.
We mostly go out of Eastbourne & Brighton and the depths range from 25m-odd (Oceana) to 68m (Bessell) with stacks in between.

It strikes me that there are a now good few contributors on YD from the Kent/Sussex area - the idea of a YD mini-gig down here is starting to look quite attractive given that pretty much every other one on the lists involves hundreds of miles of travel up to the land of chips 'n gravy
.  Anyone else fancy it?

Wouldn't mind doing a bit more over Dover way - used to do the Western Arm fairly regularly as a nice dossy shakedown dive, but I've heard horror stories about the vis over your way.  Any truth in them?


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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