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Advice needed, I picked some scallops yesterday, I always shuck them when I get home but last night was chaos and I didn't get a chance.

Being a plonker I put them in a big bucket of tap water and now I'm awake I thought I'd sort them out.

They are all open assume dead.

Can I still shuck and eat? Or would I be putting myself in danger from food poisoning?

I hope I can but having never left them over night before want to check?

Hope I've not taken them needlessly?

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i have never had problems when i have done this. but i dont eat them raw unless they are just shucked from the sea.
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Shuck, cook and eat one today. If you're not puking your guts out in a couple of hours then they're fine today. Repeat the exercise tomorrow, then the day after, and so on until you do start to puke.

Seriously though, cooked and eaten today should be fine as long as they were kept cold. I wouldn't shuck and freeze them though.

Next time you go out for scallops, bring a bucket of seawater with you to keep them in :teeth:
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So are you saying that Im ok to cook them and they will be fine?


used to work in a fishmongers, and they were fine for a few days, as long as kept cold.
dont hang about with them though!
taken them out of the water and then wait a few seconds then tap them they should close the ppm of chlorine is bugger all to effect them
They're all dead or dying from the shock of chlorine and fresh water (something to do with desalination and osmosis) which is not a massive problem, the problem you are faced with however is that when you come to prep them you cannot tap the shell and make sure they shut tight before shelling therefore you can't discard any that remain open and eliminate any that you usually would in this way so you may end up eating the odd dodgy one. If I were you I'd bin them and learn from it, shellfish poisoning is a real fucker and not worth a free lunch!
I did exactly this the other week. It was late when I got back & all I wanted to do was go to bed. So popped them in a bucket of cold water. When I went to shuck them the next day, they were all open.

Made them easier to shuck. cooked them the usual way very hot pan with some butter in. about 1 min each side, flambay with some white white, served on chorizo & balck pudding. Neither of us were ill after.

Thats just my experience tho.
They are probably still fresher than the ones they sell in the supermarkets.

Personally I don't like the ones which have died, the cats don't mind though.

They seem to live longer left in damp (seawater) sacking rather than buckets of seawater. I think it is because they quickly use up all of the limited available oxygen from the water. If you can keep them cool as well then they will last 24 hours like this. If you can't shell them straight away then best of all is to dangle them in the sea in a net bag.
clams and mussles kept in a bucket

I thought they recycled the water and made themselves poisonous, is this just something I have heared or is it true ??

As for the fresh water I thought it would kill then.

anyway I always keep mine in a wet bag, so they just stay cool
get em into ya ,,, fine for a couple of days , they are on display that long at the shops , def keep them cold while storeing them though in the future. a damp cloth over them is enough and put on a plate in the frige till the next day if times tight , same as muscles , but as mentioned it does mess up the open closed shell rule thingy though , but if you picked them you know they were fresh.
I've got a scallop related question too if the OP doesn't mind a blatant highjack.

I picked some scallops this morning, and I promised to give some to someone at work. This obviously won't be until Tuesday, so he won't get them home until the evening. For the moment I've put them in a bag of water, and then put that in the freezer (about 6 hours between picking and freezing). I'll transport them in a cold bag, so will hopefully say pretty cold until he gets them home.

Will this plan work, or have the poor things died in vain ?
Freeze them and arrange when he wants them then keep in a cool box with ice all day at work and he can use them when he wants they stay in good condition for a couple of months when frozen on a flat tray coverd in clingfilm
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The reason the scallops have died is because they've suffocated - same as would happen to fish if you kept them in a pond or fish tank without a source of bubbles to keep the water aerated.

It's how I routinely kill scallops prior to shucking them - I reckon it's the most humane way of killing them and it makes shucking them very easy, with no horrible 'pulsating scallop in your hand' syndrome. I reckon it also flushes them out a bit - as they will continue to filter the water until they die. If you want to be doubly sure, you can change the water once or twice - but this means it will take longer to kill them as sploshing in a load of fresh water will aerate it.

It normally takes at least 5 hrs for them to die. I then shuck them straight away, although I've left them overnight before shucking with no ill-effects.
I've left them in a big bucket of water before which was fine - most recently I just put them into the veg bit of my fridge overnight which was also fine... even the ones which were slightly open clamped shut when I stuck the knife in so they survived ok!
I'd never put scallops in fresh water ( or eat them after they had died ) Fresh water removes all the flavour. I always make sure ours go straight from shell into pan with no washing in flurinated water that way you get the max real scallop flavour from the natural juice, instead of ending up with a rubbery pad which you have to re-flavour with condiments and sauces.
clams and mussles kept in a bucket

I thought they recycled the water and made themselves poisonous, is this just something I have heared or is it true ??
Scallops are fine but Mussels contain e-coli. Farmed Mussels are kept in aerated holding tanks with UV treated water circulated around to kill the e-coli.
Most shellfish will suffocate if put in just a bucket of water - salt or fresh. They can be kept a couple of days if kept cool out of water. We brought some scallops and a couple of crabs back from Scotland over Easter which were caught on Sunday and were still alive when we got home on Tuesday evening. We kept them in an electrically cooled chilly bin surrounded by newspaper soaked in seawater.
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