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Hi Guys,
New poster to this forum, but hope I'll have a better chance of filling the remaining few spots on our upcoming trip to Scapa Flow here.

WE have the MV Invincible (live-aboard)
(http://www.diversonline.co.uk/2012/0...-invincible-2/ ) booked for the last week in Aug and we are looking to fill the last two spaces, so realistically a complete buddy group, and not individuals.

Our group is currently made up of all Irish divers, so expect some good banter on board..! and the group ranges from single tank divers to extended range and one or two rebreather divers, so all grades or walks of diving are very welcome.

The cost of the boat (per diver) is €460 or £380 for six days diving (12 dives) and this includes your accommodation and air fills. Those that know the boat will know that Ian and Fiona for an extra fee will add in breakfast and use of the bar, so its also a drink-aboard..(what could go wrong?).

I am looking for payment before the 12th May and will send on bank details to those that PM looking for them.

Hope your diving this summer goes as well as ours.

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