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Rubber Boy
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Had an excellent time in Scapa Flow over a long weekend
It was actually 6 days as we travelled up on the Thursday
And went home on the following Tuesday
My self and john got offered places on the Valkyrie when 2 people dropped out

The dives we did were:-

Fri 27th
Karlsruhe (Cruiser)
F2 + YC21 (WWII)

Sat 28th
Kronprinz Wilhelm (Battleship)
Dresden (Cruiser)

Sun 29th
Coln (Cruiser)
Brummer (Cruiser)

Mon 30th
Markgraf (Battleship)
MV Mara + drift dive down Gutter Sound

a great weekend of metal bashing in near perfect weather.
We had the wrecks to ourselves as we were the only dive boat out

2 of the lads drank the Ferry Inn out of Bombay Sapphire and the rest of us
Managed in eating The Royal, The Stromness Hotel and The Ferry Inn
Out of cheesecake on consecutive nights!

We all stayed in various B&B’s, John being the only one to stay on board

Dinners were cooked by Helen (porg) and it was top grub too!
Skipper Hazel dropped us in perfectly on every dive
And the lift was a godsend for getting out!

The boat had tones of space for all 12 divers
It has an onboard compressor and carry’s J’s of O2 for nitrox fills
Hazel has a haskel booster and is in the process of “plumbing it in”

Defiantly a trip I would do again but for longer next time

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3 boats down from the candy
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full team list for the 4 days of diving
Duck and Dive Club
paul-gte bombay saphire team
foow steve
steve w
kevin r
richard t bombay saphire team
richard f
kevin l
special guests
micheal geordie
john from sheffield

Hazel skipper
Helen crew, cook, mask straightner

Valkyrie dive boat with lift

The ferry inn accomodation and supplier of limited quantity of bombay saphire

thanks to all involved for a great 4 days of diving

see you all soon


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yes i think i too am going to have to head north at some point !
sounds like u all had a top time at the flow !

glad u enjoyed it

best wishes leigh

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Sounds like you had a great time ....looking forwards to my turn later this year:)

2 plugs Parker
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Nice one

May be next time I will be fit to join you guys!
Look forward to hear the details and pics later :)


life is too short
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oooo 2 weeks tomorrow and i'm off up there on Hazel's boat....:teeth: wahey
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