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Hi all,

Due to a complete ar*e-hole drop out, we now have a place on our Scapa Flow trip 21-28th June.

We are staying on Jean Elaine, which I am told is a top notch boat on a bed and breakfast basis. We have to cook evening meals, but we are pretty good at this - diving food has never been so good for such little money!

Cost is £350, this includes EVERYTHING except your beer money and costs if we eat out any evenings. Everything = Transport from Leeds, ferry crossings, food and soft drinks and of course all diving costs (incl air, O2 is extra).

This promises to be a fantastic trip, I for one am really looking forward to it. I hope someone is up for joining us!! Scapa is mostly wreck diving, all the main wrecks are at about 35m. I would prefer anyone who is interested to be happy at that depth and happy holding a  decompression stop mid - water on an SMB. We have stipulated BSAC DL or equiv, but if you are happy doing 35m wrecks, let me know!


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