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Well, it was an interesting week, this one. On Monday of last week, rang a mate, and booked onto his trip last minute to leave on Friday. £378 was the cost, because the other guy lost his deposit. Ideal.

Down to Dartmouth, the home of MV Maureen, and their crew - Mike, Penny and Giles Rowley, and we were graced with the presence of their daughter, Sonia. Had to drive there via penzance, but that's a very long story.

All was going swimmingly (excuse the pun) with a group basically taken from a load of East Mids clubs, all experienced sports divers and above, I don't think there were many who weren't DL, possibly one or two.

The dives were:
Hat Rock, Plymouth, 35m
Raglan Reef, Manacles, 28m
Wolf Rock, off Lands End, 46m
Trenanaman Ledges, Scillies, 32m
Wreck of the Plympton, Scillies, 28m
Wreck of the Italia, Scillies, 31m
Wreck of the Cita, Scillies, 36m
Wreck of the King Cadwallan, Scillies, 36m
Wreck of the City of Westminster, Scillies, 30m
Wreck of the Hera, Scilies, 15m
Eddystone Lghthouse, 35m
Wreck of the SS Maine, Plymouth, 32m

All great wrecks, with the possible exception of the Plympton, which was too broken up for my liking, and the Italia, which we missed.

Wolf Rock was great for getting a bit of depth, and was a great dive for dropping deep and getting progressively shallower.

Dive of the week is SS Maine, a cargo ship taken down by a U-boat in 1917, and is almost completely intact, and breath-taking (excuse another pun). I'll be back for that one from Plymouth some time soon.

That's about it, without going into details you're not going to be interested in, but the diving was great, food was incredible, and company better than a boy could wish for.

Can thoroughly reccommend MV Maureen, but I think you'd be a bit cramped with more than the 10 we had on board. Especially if you had any more twins divers.

All good, and now I need a holiday in blue water. Any suggestions for under £300? I'm going to want to get out of here in a few weeks, and may or may not be travelling in a small group.
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