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Hi all,

We had another great event for the 5th annual Scuba Santas event at the NDAC today.

It was a great turnout with many people sticking with the original event and lots of new divers for whom the event was now within reach with the move. I've just been updated by the RNLI and in total we had 70+ divers in the water on what was a stunning winters day.

Loads of fun was had by all, and we have some great shots appearing in an upcoming DIVER magazine article. The raffle went brilliantly with one lucky diver scooping 3 prizes and another, who is going on a skiing holiday next week bagging himself £1,000 worth of skiing gear! The auction also raised a great deal of money with divers getting bargain items and raising lots of money from the RNLI.

We were also supported well by the Chepstow branch of the RNLI and we'd like to say thanks to them.

Currently donations are around the £1,200 mark, but there's plenty more funds to be donated over the next couple of weeks from auction bids, sponsorship forms, sponsor company donations, etc. At present we're just under £3,000 away from the £20,000 total funds raised for the RNLI.

Donations can still be made via our justgiving page and other methods, please see Donating to Scuba Santas for more info.

The FREE goody bags also went down well with divers walking away with hats, magazines, vouchers, and more from the event.

I'm sure there'll be a follow up photo thread but for the latest information see https://www.facebook.com/scubasantas or Twitter.

I already announced this a couple of weeks ago, but Scuba Santas 2012 will be on the 16th December 2012 again at the NDAC. Hope to see you there, https://www.facebook.com/events/231465456922862/.

This year has been a particularly tough one for myself and moving the event was never going to be an easy task so I'd really like to offer the biggest thanks to everyone involved in helping make Scuba Santas 2011 such a great fun event (which is what it is all about!).

Merry Christmas, happy new year, and safe diving in 2012, Lloyd.

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I've just put in my request for a pink pass for 16th December 2012. I don't think they're allowed to refuse when you request it this far in advance. All being well, I'll be there next year :)
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