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By Joe Cross, Big Blue Scuba School, Cheshire

Scuba Diving is one of those rare activities which the whole family can do together and there are lots of opportunities for your child to be involved. There are multiple choices in how to get your child qualified to dive and once they're qualified then the underwater world opens up for them.

Why is this a good activity for your child?

Scuba Diving is a great activity for your child because it naturally peaks there curiosity. When you go for a dive over a coral reef and you see some crazy coloured fish which looks a bit odd its hard to not wonder what is that? This inevitably leads to the question why does it live here? These question keep on going so it is a really good way for you to encourage your child to learn about habitats, different species, where there food comes form, aquatic ecology and so on. Scuba diving also teaches your child lots of other real world skills such as being environmentally aware of what’s going on around you, how to look after others. Plus, most importantly it’s lots of fun!

How to get started?

There are many Scuba Diving courses for people of all ages and lots of different options. The first course we will talk about is a bubblemaker. This course is designed for children between the ages of 8-12. It is a one off confined water course where they will learn diving skills, underwater communication and play a few games.
The next course is a seal team course. This course is a more in depth version of the bubblemaker course consisting of four pool sessions each learning several more skills and playing lots of games. They will also have some theory work to do as part of the course but rest assured its very easy to understand and lots of fun. The seal team course is sub divided into aqua missions each pool session being an aqua mission.

The Junior Open Water course is the open water course for children ages 10 and up. In this course they will have their pool session, some theory work to work through and then go to open water at the end to complete there open water dives. With the junior open water course there are some different options. You can do a referral where you will do all your confined water and theory work here and then complete the course when you go on holiday. This is a really good option for lots of children. The other option is to complete the full course in the UK so you are fully qualified, which option you should take depends on the individual child and family preferences. The best advise I can give you is to talk to the instructor and they will advise you on which is the best option for your child.

For more information about Scuba Diving for children send us an email, or give us a call. We are always happy to advise.
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