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A couple of people I know have bought BCDs made by this firm. They are based in Vietnam and formerly manufactured for the big name equipment "manufacturers", who simply rebadged their product. I've also had good reports on their stuff via a question posed on Scubaboard, before I got turfed out for suggesting that maybe the carriage of concealed 44 Magnums by all & sundry wasn't the best idea I'd ever heard. Similarly, there was a reasonable review for one of their waistcoat type BCDs on DiveOz forum.

I currently have an Apollo Biolift BCD, actually, it isn't , it's called something else but it is absolutely identical in all respects to the Biolifts, down to the little care instruction label inside, which are stocked in the LDS, just different name sticker on the front, the other difference being $AU300 as against $AU950 at LDS.....anyway, I digress.

I'm attracted to the idea of twinning up, more from the viewpoint of having proper redundancy than doing techy deep diving with fancy stops and all t'rest of it at this stage, so some sort of wing might be the go, also, everyone I know who uses one is in raptures about comfortable they are.

I was looking at this feller:

scubaL.com - Scuba Gear and Diving Equipment Store

Now I noticed that the max buoyancy rating is 90lb, which according to my conversion tables is about 40Kg. Is that for real? Would one really need that amount of lift?

The other BCs listed look OK too.

Does anyone know about this stuff?

Anyone got any opinions, godd bad or ugly about the specs of this thang. And what about the bungee? I don't like the look of it, what do others think?

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That's the same reason I did a tech course and got twinned up - so I could do the same dives, but more safely, with more bottom time, and with some redundancy. It's not really about depth for me.

The wing looks ok to me, but I'm no expert - I'm sure about 50 "proper" experts will be along soon to tell you what's what. :)

My preference is for bungees because it's easier, and because then it doesn't matter what the overall lift is. It's roughly the same as a big OMS, which can even be used with a single tank, though that wouldn't be ideal. My preference is also against that type of harness because it's doesn't look so easy to put D-rings and so on where you want. Also, I don't like the chest cross-piece - for me it just gets in the way. I just have a "normal" BP & harness with 1 break, and it's perfectly comfortable even wearing a shortie. Mind you, it looks like a modular system, so you can mix & match to suit your preferences.

That's half the fun of all this techy stuff, everybody has their own opinion :)

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There's a fella on ebay selling this wing, username beechcroftdiving. He trades as red hat diving on his own website. Lazlo is correct, it is a modular system and beechcroftdiving sells all the shiny stuff to go with it. I think he'll even let you mix and match if you buy the complete wing and harness from him.

As it happens I've had some of the utility pouches from him and they seem decent enough quality and only around 6 quid if you get them from ebay.

Do you think I should ask him for commission for the plug here? :)

edit: here's the website but I think you can get cheaper from ebay Introducing the new Maximus wing
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