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Sinking her this Saturday, all a bit sudden and not much notice. However, full marks to the Consortium who brought her, prepared her and are about to sink her. A big two findered salute to the cynics.

However, to put a fly in the ointment so to speak, will she land upright or upside down. Look at the `Xlendi` just off of Gozo, she landed the wrong way up, as did the `Spiegel Grove` in the Florida Keys. Got to give it to the Yanks, when they make a cock up, it`s usually bigger and better than everyone elses.

Anyway, I`m pretty confident they`ll make a good job of it. If they don`t, I`ll treat Bren Tierney to a days diving at the NDC in Chepstow. I`m sure my mate Daz `Hard Nut` Carpenter will put him up for free, and Big Neil (ugly bastard) will buy his air. Thats if he`s got the balls to come south of Birmingham.

Come on Bren, you old nonce, show us what yur made of.
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