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Had the bad luck of seeing my UKSunlightD4 Torch come to bits as the lens bezel and front spiraled off into the depths as I leapt off the boat to dive the Hispania on the last YD Mull Trip.

I was basically resigned to the fact that that was its final demise it having met a watery end and was unlikely to see it or the bits again.  Strangely enough after the dive when I was back on the boat, several members of the team produced most of the parts(  BIG THANKYOU) that they had found whilst exploring the wreck. So I was re united left with the waterlogged battery,Reflector with bulbs. The casing containing the switch I still had, which was still dangling from my bcd.
On the journey back on the boat I rinsed the battery pack out in fresh water and slowly dried the pack and bits out back at the dive centre. I tried the bulbs & reflector on the pack, and really couldn't believe "it worked" not bad considering it had 30mins at 20m plus in the Sea, but still I was without the bezel and lens.

Once home, e mailed Sea and Sea the importers to see if there was a possibility I could order the missing bit.  
They replied same day confirming part number price and the list of the local dealers. First local dive shop I rang got a rather negative response ie as in they take months to get hold of and I was going to have a nightmare getting the part.
Second shop, confirmed parts no problem and they could order it, without wanting a deposit they would ring me when it arrived in 7-10days.

True to their word it arrived at the shop within 10days.
Torch now re assembled good as new.
I'm impressed three things, First a crackin torch for having survived the immersion, Second top marks to Sea and Sea for excellent customer service and thirdly to Fins Dive Centre in Preston Lancs for ordering it and sourcing it with the minimum of fuss Top Marks

Tony K 
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