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Hi all, I bought a YS-D2 strobe about a couple of years ago, and last used it last August. We then went on a Red Sea trip earlier this month, and the strobe no longer seems to go off. I use a fibre optic cable, and when my camera flash goes off, I can see a tiny light where the cable connects to the strobe, so I'm guessing the cable must be alright. The strobe itself seems to be intact (no obvious leaks or damage), and when I turn it on, the ready light does come on. I can also manually turn on the spotting light. So it seems like the problem is somewhere to do with the cable light triggering the main flash.

Would anyone have any ideas on what else I could do to try and identify the problem? Or alternatively, where would be a good place to take it for someone more knowledgeable to have a look? I'm a bit of a beginner photographer and this is my first strobe, so it's more than possible that I'm missing something obvious!

Thanks in advance!

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