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Sea Diamond Santorini wreck diving.

Serious its sunk so I want to dive it, who knows anything about diving in Santarini?

Has the Sea diamond become a total wreck or are the salvage people after the bits?

Could the Sea Diamond become the next Andrea doria??

I saw some ROV coverage and it looked fairly shallow and the last pictures of it sinking showed it very close to land.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone with some answers(sensable?))


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Hi there.

The Sea Diamond is near Athinios port at 130m and it's only about 2 years old.
Have you been to Santorini?
It is great for diving. I am actually doing my dive master internship at Aegean Divers in Kamari on Santorini island and I'm loving it. It is just a realy beautiful island above and below water.

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