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l can't really add much to Chasey's report on my FIRST dive of the day (more of that later) except that l did look at the spaces beside the boiler and thought if l'd still been on OC l could've squeezed into them.

This started last tuesday when Steve Johnson, the skipper of Channel Diver told me that our proposed three day french gigette was canned because of bad weather, so l asked him what day he was free and what did he suggest in 45-50mtrs. So we opted for the Seaford Ferry, a wreck l'd not done before.

Mark, l was directly behind you on the line and untangled your torch a couple of times and then it got snagged again, so l think the battery really needs to be moved.

At the end of the dive, all my gear was packed in the car and l was chatting to John and Nigel and l wondered what the divers going up the ramp were doing. Nigel says "Steves going out again". l check with the skipper and he has spaces and if leaving in forty minutes. So l load my gear back on the boat and off we go again.

Steve does evening dives on tuesdays and thursdays and when the tide times suit he will do a local wreck. This time it was to be the City of London in 25 mtrs, which is a wreck l'd not done before.

Whilst on the boat another divers asks if l mind if he buddies me, which l don't, except that him buddying me in his mind meant him doing exactly what he wanted with me chasing around after him.
l looked into a hole, turned around and he was gone, yippee l thought, now l can mooch about on my own.

l came across an inverted part of the hull which looked easily penetrable so l peered in and it went a fair way, so l popped out tied a line off and went back in. l followed the propshaft, which was above me for about 29 mtrs then a large opening appeared, however l turned and retraced the line.

l'd say there was 3 to 4 mtrs of very light vis, still a lot of plankton in the water, but it was an absolute joy to dive without dragging that numpty Chasey around and even better, at the end of my 55mins bottom time l had about a minute of deco which l extended to 5.

So, after all the crap weather we've had it was great to sneak out on a work day and two good dives in.

How was work for the rest of you?
So good it was worth posting twice hey dude?
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