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<font color='#000080'>Latest from Seahouses Lifeboat

Launch Report No 24/2003
Date: Sunday 10/08/03 Callout time: 1.13pm Launch time: 1.16pm
Wind speed: 2/3 Wind direction: S Sea state: Light, 0.5m swells
Weather: Bright/Coastal Fog Visibility: Good/Poor in fog Casualty: Diver
Recovery Time: 9.30pm Coastguard Incident No: DIN 600
Location: Farne Islands. Lifeboat: Mersey Lifeboat and Relief Inshore Lifeboat.
Crew: Mersey: Michael Douglas, Ian Fisher, Ian Clayton, Martin Malone, Eric Stanwix.
Inshore Lifeboat: Mick Hoyle, Neil Calvert & Paul Tennent.
Launchers: Scott Priestley, Sandie Straughan, Ian Malone.
Details: At 1.13pm on Sunday 10th August, 2003, Humber Coastguard requested the immediate launch of both Seahouses Lifeboats, after receiving a radio call for assistance from the Seahouses charter boat "Guide Me". One of a party of divers on that boat was ill and suffering from the symptoms of the bends, and the charter boat was making its way back to Seahouses from the Farne Islands. The Inshore Lifeboat had difficulty in locating the "Guide Me" in the thick fog, but it was met by the All Weather Lifeboat at the Harbour mouth. Two crewman from the Lifeboat went aboard the "Guide Me", with oxygen, and the ill diver was transferred to the Lifeboat Landrover. At that time he was too ill to walk and had to be carried. He was taken to the emergency helicopter landing site on Seafield Road, and with the assistance of local coastguards, he was put aboard a Seaking helicopter from RAF Boulmer, and transferred to hospital at Aberdeen, which was the nearest available hyperbaric unit (decompression chamber) for treatment.
The diver was in his late 40's and from the Stockton area, one of a party from the Fourth Element Diving Club. His current condition is not known, but he was clearly quite poorly when airlifted from Seahouses.
This incident is yet another case involving diver related illness, dealt with by the Seahouses Lifeboat Crew. Once this incident was concluded, both Lifeboats visited Beadnell Sailing Club for their Annual Regatta Day in aid of the RNLI.

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