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depends on what you would like to do. it is wreck hunters heaven here, loads still undiscovered.
The only downside yet here is that it is still very uncommercialised as far as dive boats go, so I am working on my centre boss investing in a 5mtr rib to cater for guys and gals coming here.
I owned a divecentre in UK before coming here 16 month ago, so I have been making plans for people from UK that I know and others like yourself who may be interested in different waters for a change.
Its moving forward, but still needs planning.
I definately know of an english guy who hires his rib and it takes 6 people, if interested I can find out some prices for diving (5 days say)
Our accommodation is inland some as we are catering for all adventure sports. We are 1.1/4 hours from main diving but 50 minutes from Black Sea.
Give us a guide and i will try more to help ya with a plan if interested.

Regards ...
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