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Ratcliffe organised a trip to the SETT and HUET and I think there is potential for this to be organised to raise a few quid.

Anyone done this or better yet, know anyone at SETT/HUET and could maybe wangle a discount? Unlikely but you don't ask, you don't get.

I think it was £75 for the two combined when Ratty sorted it, so even if we get it for that and charge £100, there is profit, better yet if we could get it down to £50 each.

I'll speak to Ratty about how he got on and any pitfalls.

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I've not done it. Did seem to get a good response though :)

How about some proper dives instead? ;)
YD invade Swanage?
I've done the SETT but not the Huet, i can't remember the exact cost of just the tower but it was no where near £75. Obviously the expensive part must be the Huet.

How about combining both ideas, do the Sett on one day, have a night "DO" and off the coast the next. Off the top of my head i'm not sure how to make money on day 2 but i'm sure we'll come up with something!
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