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Hi Guys and Gals
Well it’s was not an advert. I thought the idea was to exchange experiences. I dived with Canary Island Divers in Lanzarote over Christmas and New Year. Then with Looe Divers Easter bank holiday this year. Great diving, flat as a pancake. Dived the Scylla and James Eagan Layne. Then when to Red Sea to do the Brothers Wreck Special. There were 20 of us in our group on board the Whirlwind. I mentioned Tenerife because of the cheap deal and reception it received when chatting with a group of fellow divers. I also dived with 24/7 Las Galletas (Tenerife) and took my Tdi nitrox with them. They cater for all levels through to the tekkie tdi blending courses.
I was only sharing my experience with fellow divers. Lucy, my other half, did her open water and advanced with Sol and when back to her deep and wreck before going to the Red Sea and has logged 50 dives since putting her toe in the water in December.
I’m a Cmas 3 star which I did in Dalyan Turkey with Tri-Point and at present doing my dive master with Diving Leisure London.
with a smile:teeth:

Pete & Lucy
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