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Just thought i would share this with you all.
And to think i was in Marsa looking for sharks last year. Didn't see any that time.

Tourist dies in Egypt's first fatal shark attack in five years | Mail Online
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Oh dear. Sympathies to anyone directly affected.

Just about everybody looks for them, and we hope we don't get to see the whites of their eyes. Although, from the report, she seems to have aggravated the shark. Which, imv, is just daft. :(
Not good news from any perspective. :(

Wasn't the victim in the last fatal southern Red Sea shark attack a female french tourist as well? I've got a feeling of deja vue.

feeding...er... dawin
This report is dated January... old news or the same news?
There was an attack last year around April/May IIRC - as it happened not long before I went in June.
That was a french snorkeler, and it had been suspected that some of the boats had been dropping food deliberatley.
It was in Marsa, and one of our boat boys showed us a picture - not sure why he'd got it on his phone though.....
Old News, but a reminder to everyone booking or about to book a little diving trip, that we should show respect to the little or not so little critters in the sea.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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