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<font color='#728FCE'>As with all fisherman, the blame for lack of fish in the sea is because of other factors. They must go through life wearing looking out through rose coloured glass.

Pressure needs to be brought to bear on the local authority, the goverment(some hope there!
and this man. Why don't we start a campagin to tell him that we don't like what he is doing. His phone numder is on that webpage that Lou found.

We are divers, where will our hobby/sport/job be if all the sharks disappear. I, for one, think that sharks are amazing creatures and we as a race are doing our usual trick of wiping out another species.

Nothing else on this plant does this, so why do we!! IT IS TIME WE STOPPED!!

So write to your MP, MEP, dive assocation, dive shop, radio station, local TV station and get it stopped.

Now is the time to stand up and be counted!

Good luck.

PS Ohhh! It makes me sooooooooooo angry!
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