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Sharm current conditions

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As i'm off to sharm for a bit off warm weather diving does anyone know what the current what temp is??as try to sort out what wetsuit to take, plus does anyone know if there has been any manta's or whale shark about at the moment??
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Current temp is 25, nudging 26....

Loads of manta spotting this week, as well as a very nice 3m Guitar Shark - only the occasional whale shark at the mo though....
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cheers steve think it will fine with the shortie then, just hope they hang around for the next few weeks
You didn't specify when you are coming out... we are just at the point where the water is warming up, so if you come out this week, it could be considerably cooler than a month's time.

As Steve said the water temp is currently 25º in Naama Bay and 24º elsewhere. We did have a few clouds (and even a couple of spots of rare rain yesterday!!) but they have all disappeared now, and the forecast is fine and sunny :D . As has been said many times on this forum your choice of suit very much depends on what you are used to. If you have been diving in the UK recently then yes you will be fine in a shorty, if you feel the cold, then you might find that even with these temperatures you might need something a little warmer.

As for the sea life, it is over the next few weeks that everything starts to build up for summer, so fingers crossed you have timed it just right. Hope you have a great trip. We have had a couple of shark sightings and big rays too.. so let's hope we are all in for another glorious summer.
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divebunnie were coming out to sharm 2 weeks today, 24degrees sounds ok as we have all been diving in 4/5 degrees all winter so it will hopefully be like a bath!!! were diving with ocean college so relying on you to find all the big stuff!!! and a few nudi's
We did have a few clouds (and even a couple of spots of rare rain yesterday!!)
We had heavy rain in El Gouna on and off all day yesterday!! Crazy weather. Thought we'd had our quota for the next ten years back in January.

Normal service has been resumed today though.
I know! So did we... we have had a couple of showers since then... nothing like January though, that was a storm to beat all others wasn't it?

So you are coming out in 2 week's time, hmmm that should be nice. Mid May. If you have been doing any kind of diving in the UK this year, you will find the sea gloriously warm at the moment :D I will put in a call for the big n little things to all show up while you are here hehe. See you in a couple of weeks.
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It rained on us at Ras Mo on Saturday. Water was 24 most of the time, 23 on a couple of dives. Didn't see anything big apart from the odd Oceanic White Tip at a distance, a couple of Silkys and a few Grey Tip reef sharks.
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