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Thats a nice idea Lou but in really bad viz you run the risk of not only loosing your way to the wreck but also your buddy, unless you adopt really close visual/physical contact. What happens in a heavy current where you could be swept away from the wreck. Is this a subtle way of finding out how we handle the coming weekend when we have massed ranks. I assume, and I may be wrong here that we will descend the shot as a group, maybe as buddy teams of 2/4, but generally as one. We will then ascend as we run out of air/time and re-assemble on the boat to do the next site. I didnt think we would be having a second wave of divers descing into the first ascending group or am I wrong because of the numbers.
I appreciate that the ascending/descing diver situation can occurr when you have multiple boats using one line and it is difficult then as the divers probably dont know each other coupled with both groups being excited for different reasons and its a tense situation.
Dont worry about me I'll be caught up in the shot line 3m from the surface on my way down!

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