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Just not enough dive time.
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Having got damp at the Farnes and a couple of dives previously I decided that my suit needed some investigation as it had been bone-dry on all the other dive. First off was to check the seems and material by using soapy water method ala inner tube on a bike. So I sealed the arms with a couple of cans of Bud, I knew I'd find a use for those, they were still full too. But the neck was going to present a bit more of a problem, I dont have a football, so I press ganged in a mixing bowl out of the kitchen whilst Mrs. B was in the shower.
So onto the back lawn went me and the michelin man plus a cylinder etc for a quick pump-up. Wack a bit of gas in and smother it with some fairy, great no leaks on the front from the seems or the material itself. Spin it over and repeat.
Now at this point I noticed that the neck seal wasnt quite sitting properly on the mixing bowl, so I released the air and re-set it. Pumped it up again, but probably put just a tad too much in, mixing bowl last seen heading for the cat in the back border.
Anyway the upshot (sorry about the pun) was that I now need a new Autodump as the Oceanic one is busted.

Ordered it (Si-Tech) from SubaquaScuba for £40 as the local shop wanted £60 and Typhoon dont sell to the public, even though their web site lists it at £30.
John tells me its a straight replacement, so it should be straight forward. Adam has an old fashioned high profile Apeks on his so if all else fails I'll swipe his for the weekend.
I suppose thats one benefit of having a family member as a buddy, a ready source or replacement kit.

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